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Ukraine ratified the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2006

On January 01, 2010, the Convention entered into its force. The Convention is a guide for its State parties in terms of their compliance with international anti-corruption standards, which is the basis for the formation of anti-corruption policy. Having undertaken international obligations in connection with the ratification of the Convention, Ukraine is obliged to maintain its anti-corruption system by using the tools and mechanisms the Convention envisages.
Thanks to the Convention, we are building up and developing our own system, with our national context taken into consideration, and by that means, we are transferring theoretical guidelines to their practical application.

The review involves:

Desk review, conducted by two reviewing State parties (their reviewing experts), of the response submitted by a State party under review
Submitting by a State party under review its response to the self-assessment checklist;
Preparing by reviewing experts assisted by the UNODC, a country report (i.e., full report), and an executive summary on compliance of a State party under review with the standards enshrined by the Convention.

The review process

The binding nature of the Convention requires that each country report on the achievements it has made. To monitor compliance of the State parties with the obligations taken by them under UNCAC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has established a mechanism for peer review of States Parties.

The review process consists of two review cycles lasting five years each. The first cycle covers chapters III and ІV of the Convention, and the second cycle – chapters II and V. In 2019, the second cycle on Ukraine was launched, and it is still ongoing. Experts from Paraguay and Latvia are reviewing State parties to conduct the review of implementation by Ukraine of the UNCAC chapter II (Preventive measures) and chapter V (Asset recovery).
To ensure the impartiality of the review, a global civil society network for the implementation and monitoring of the Convention (the UNCAC Coalition) launched civil society parallel reporting.
The findings we have obtained are unique and universal. It is unique because, in the report’s preparation, we are involving rural, regional, and nationwide experts, civil society organizations, educational and research centers that have the necessary competencies and in-depth understanding of the issues of our research.

In addition, the research is packed with real cases supporting the conclusions we made. We also conduct surveys of nationwide civil society to ensure our multi-voice approach, and either to confirm or to refute our hypotheses. It is universal, because of the peculiarity of the Convention that accounts for regular monitoring of the implementation of anti-corruption policy in Ukraine for a long time.

Our role

Institute of Legislative Ideas is preparing the civil society parallel report on the situation in respect of implementation by Ukraine of chapter II of the UNCAC.
The report has been prepared by the ILI team (monitoring of chapter II “Preventive measure”) in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (monitoring of chapter V “Asset Recovery”) and Transparency International Ukraine (peer review). These three organizations are members of the UNCAC Coalition that is a global network uniting more than 350 civil society organizations from more than 100 countries, fostering UNCAC ratification, implementation, and monitoring.
The results of our work will be presented at the Conference of the State parties to the UNCAC, in Sharm El-Sheikh, December 2021. In 2022, ILI in cooperation with NACP are going to present their reports on Ukraine’s implementation of the UNCAC, in particular, the official report on behalf of the state and the parallel report on behalf of the civil society. These reports reflect the current status of implementation of the Convention. Our report inspired us to create a web platform where we will inform the public and partners about the current status of implementation of the Convention “in real-time” mode. We will update the received data every six months. During this period, we will be adding current news and research from various civil society organizations, analytical, research centers, experts, and others. We commenced from chapter II of the Convention (“Preventive measures”) because it covers preventive measures of anti-corruption policy and is the largest chapter. The chapter V of the Convention (“Asset Recovery”) is also reviewed.

Results of work

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